Increased security grade in esports and gaming -

the path of the ninja

Perfectly fitting insurance solutions for gaming and esports were a myth until now, but not anymore. We find ourselves in a new era.
insurninja starts as the worldwide first insurance supplier for gamers and esports athletes, with “Hardware Protect”. Hand in hand with gamers, esports organisations and companies, insurninja developed a portfolio for security and professionalism in esports and gaming.

Hardware protect made by insurninja:

With the world’s first insurance by insurninja, the gamer takes control. The insurance, which is developed and offered in co-op with the WERTGARANTIE AG is an “all inclusive” insurance. It guarantees protection for device and periphery. From high end systems, gaming laptops to consoles, hardware protect has your back by damages, losses or other mishappenings.

Tim Schlawinsky, one of the founders and Managing Director of insurninja:

”For us, gamers aren’t customers, but individuals first. Every gamer is different, each clan has its own culture,each guild member has his or her own personality. We see the humans behind the gamers, and their lives.”
With this outlook, insurninja wants to enable and empower a gameful lifestyle, that is completely adjusted to the needs and challenges of the gamer. Additionally: it levels up with him. Protective like a ninja, insurninja accompanies gamers and esports athletes - and fights for them.
Tim Schlawinsky:
“When it comes to the definition of gamefulness, our definition is a flow that pullsyou into the game when you are truly engaged in it. We want to make sure, that this feeling remains, even after logging out.”

The 2018 founded startup is going to develop products and services hand in hand with the community, putting gamers and esports athletes into the focus. Individually put together insurance products and complete solutions for maximum protection: From newly repurposed to completely new created insurance, from the protection of a gamer’s life to the protection of the virtual identity best possible service: on all relevant channels, at suitable times and with maximum performance. Made by gamers for gamers with an unique melt of product, service and design for all challenges in life.

The way of the ninja

He is fast, silent and controlled. A master of stealth and virtuosic martial arts. Ninjas are people with exceptional abilities, proven experts and respectful partners at the side of their clan and lieges. Insurninja takes this path for partners and customers. For anyone the startup offers an upgrade in security and performance: with an arsenal of battle-proven, smart offers, which help gamers and esports athletes, clans and leagues, clubs and organisations, productions and companies to get better, more courageous and stronger in action.

For this purpose, insurninja will be recording four levels next year:

Level 1

With a look under the digital hood, insurninja protects where gamers and esports invest time, money and passion.

Level 2

insurninja is loyal to everyone, taking responsibility for their team and protecting them from numerous risks such as liability and legal issues.

Level 3

insurninja is also in real life for gamers and esporters. With the best loadout for the lifestyle. From gear to health - all safe.

Level 4

Family, job or house: Anyone who also bears responsibility for the people and topics outside the map will be masterfully protected by insurninja.

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